In September of 1998, a group of California Wildlife Control Operators met with the Vertebrate Wildlife Biologists on the U.C. Davis campus and created the CNWCOA Bi-Laws. Earlier that month, I had the to privilege to file the Association's Articles of Incorporation and IRS Tax Exemption forms in Sacramento.

Fast forward to the present. The CNWCOA is now 20 years old and I will soon observe my 81st year on the planet. Seems like a good time to make some fundamental changes. First, I've decided to stop climbing ladders and crawling under homes. Just can't do it anymore. Retirement seems the only viable option.

Second, and most important, the Asociation will need to hold an election soon to elect new leadership to fill the Board positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These new officers will then need to establish the association's standing committees and choose someone to maintain the association's website ( (I will be happy to remain as the Association's Past President for a short while just to insure a smooth transition.)

If you would like to be involved in re-creating the CNWCOA please contact me by email at  and we'll get the ball rolling and proceed to hold an election.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you real soon.

Alan Merrifield,
President CNWCOA