FINAL  REPORT                             Permanent Injunction


Seems like just yesterday that I accepted the challenge and filed our lawsuit against the California Structural Pest Control Board for violating our constitution right to earn an honest living.  In reality though, that happened almost fourteen years ago and now I'm hoping to reach my 80th birthday in the not too distant future. It seems like the right time to turn in my final report and just go home.

For those of you who weren't around then, California WCOs were catching  hell for using non-pesticide methods to control vertebrate pests in or on homes and businesses.  Applying physical methods to exclude rats or pigeons from a structure without having a Branch 2 Structural Pest Control License too often resulted in stern warnings and hefty fines. It seemed to some of us, at that time, that the state regulators were targeting WCOs with Cease and Desist Warning Letters while protecting PCOs in competition for jobs involving the control of rats, mice and/or pigeons.