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"The significance of the Craigmiles and St. Joseph Abby decisions cannot be overstated. Together with the 2008 {Merrifield vs. Lockyer} pest-control case from California, they represent the only times in seventy-five years that federal appellate courts have subjected occupational licensing laws to meaningful scrutiny and squarely confronted the demonstrably illegitimate governmental prupose behind them. That is the epitome of judicial engagement, or, as we might say even more simply, real judging. America needs a lot more of it."

Clark M. Neily

Our portfolio, spanning more than 100 cases in more than 30 states, is a testament to our vigilance in securing for all Americans a foundation of freedom in the courts, and to confront the myriad threats imposed by heavy handed government.

The Pacific Legal Foundation remains the leader as America's legal watchdog for liberty. It is an action organization, battling in courtrooms across the country for limited government, property rights, free enterprise and common sense in environmental regulations.

Mr. Sandefur discusses his landmark legal victory Merrifield v. Lockyer 

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Clark M. Neily III
Terms of Engagement
​Encounter Books, New York (2013)

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Those words, attributed to Thomas Jefferson, guide the work of the Pacific Legal Foundation today.

​IJ Attorney, Clark M. Neilly III & Alan Merrifield​

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PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur discusses his most recent book
"The Right To Earn A Living" 
at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco.

“Through strategic litigation, research and public advocacy, the Institute for Justice or IJ demonstrates not only that economic liberty is morally and practically important but that the right to economic liberty has a genuine basis in the text, history and original public meaning of the U.S. Constitution and should be rigorously enforced in our nation’s courts. The precedents we set through our work and the victories we achieve have already paved and will continue to pave the way for thousands of hard-working men and women to enter the workforce and provide for ​themselves and their families through honest enterprise.”

IJ Backgrounder

The Institute for Justice compiled battle-tested stategies into the Entrpreneur's Survival Guide to share the knowledge with you, giving you the tools to succeed in your own fight for economic liberty.  This blueprint for a successful grassroots campaign gives you step-by-step instructions for everything from building an online presence to developing a legislative stategy to mobilize your supports.

Whether you are fighting city hall for the first time or you are a seasoned activist, the Entrepreneurs Survival Guide contains a wealth of valuable information.